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Author Topic: Political Forum Rules  (Read 114 times)

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Political Forum Rules
« on: November 21, 2016, 01:58:01 PM »

Seniors Worldwide operates these forums in the hopes that they will promote intelligent, honest and responsible discussion. If at any time the discussion cease to be "intelligent" and "responsible" then the discussion will be ended.

Seniors Worldwide will attempt to monitor the content of the postings and reserves the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever. We will also attempt to use this power judiciously and fairly, but our decisions are final.

If for some reason your post has been deleted and you were not notified, please feel free to contact the Admin or Moderator and request an explanation.

Please no baiting. flaming, vulgarities or personal attacks. Those posts will be subject to the member removal rules posted below. Our decisions are final.

Please remember whatever you post, the search engines store it in their cache and it is in cyberspace forever. The choice is yours.


Any user who fails to abide by these rules will be have three (3) warnings.
.1st Offense - A polite Private Message from a Moderator pointing out the Forum Rules, in addition to the editing or deletion of the post.
.2nd Offense - Public warning on the message board plus deletion of post.
.3rd Offense - Moderators will discuss and bring the issue to the administrators for a decision.


If you are stating a fact, be prepared to back it up with some official sources (websites, links etc). It is also important to structure your post in a way that everyone can understand. That means writing complete sentences and paragraphs with the appropriate grammar. If for some reason, you enjoy writing long confusing sentences and paragraphs riddled with poor grammar and spelling mistakes, your post, and therefore your opinions, will likely be discarded. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make sure that your post includes sufficient sources and contains a well-researched and well-organized argument.


All posts must contain some aspect of an argument or attempt to stimulate discussion. Simply posting a URL to an outside source or posting statements that are only one or two sentences long will not be tolerated and the post will be deleted. In addition, use the search feature to ensure that the topic you are posting is not already being discussed somewhere else in the forums.

It is also important that you stay on topic and keep the discussion focused. If the thread begins to wonder off into a new topic area, start a new thread and continue the discussion under the new thread. If you feel a thread is being watered down with too many different topic areas and you do not want to start the new thread yourself, feel free to contact the Admin and request a new thread.

Please do not attack, bully, harass, insult anyone on a personal basis. Do not use obscene language towards another member or their post.


Copyright infringement is illegal on these forums. Therefore, please do not post articles in their entirety. When posting copyrighted material, please use the quote ( QUOTE & ) feature to highlight the important parts of the article and provide a throughout summary for others. You must also provide sufficient credit to the author and a link to the original article in your post. If the article cannot be found online, then at the end of the post provide an appropriate cite using any of the available citing formats, MLA, APA, etc.

Please do not try to pass someone else's work as your own. Anyone caught committing plagiarism will be dealt with severely.

It should be noted that the rules for the General Forum apply to the Politics Forum.

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